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practice subgroup

The focus of the Practice Subgroup is to keep abreast of practice developments in nations and regions around the globe through the posting of papers on these issues on the website and add new country profiles of APN role development and practice advancements.

Member Spotlight

The ICN APNN practice group congratulates committee member Dr. Rose Nanyonga Clarke on her recognition and recent nomination to the 100 outstanding women nurse and midwife leaders by the Women in Global Health.


PROJECT spotlight

The Practice Subgroup explains that since the global pandemic there has been a resurgence of Telehealth. This has become an avenue that allows patients to have access to a quality care. Here is Kelli Garber, Pediatric NP in the USA explaining her role.The NP/APN Practice Subgroup Priorities:

the practice subgroup will initiate and undertake NP/APN practice related projects and resources 

COntact us

The co-chairs of the Practice Subgroup are  Helen Fox McLoy and Lori Spies


Together in collegiality and embracing evidence, members of the NPAPNN practice subgroup have participated in generating and disseminating research relevant to advance practice globally. Below, in no particular order, are select examples of this work.

Steinke, M.K., Rogers, M., Lehwaldt, D. & Lamarche, K. (2018). An examination of nurse practitioner/advanced practice nurses’ job satisfaction internationally. International Nursing Review.

Steinke, M.K., Rogers, M., & Lehwaldt, D. & Lamarche, K, (2018). Conducting Research Through Cross National Collaboration. International Journal of Nursing Practice. 24(1).

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