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research subgroup

The focus of the Research Subgroup is to gather, analyze and report data on the development of the APN role worldwide. In line with the International Council of Nurses Nursing Research Position Statement, the Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Network Research Subgroup embraces the ICN Position that:

Research–based practice is a hallmark of professional nursing. Nursing research, both qualitative and quantitative, is critical for quality, cost effective care. (Nursing Research ICN).


The AIMS of the ICN NP/APN Network Research Subgroup are to:

  • Support Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses in practice and policy related research;

  • Facilitate the provision of resources, tools and advice to NPs/APNs seeking to undertake research in their practice settings

The  OBJECTIVES are to support and facilitate research by NPs/ APNs through website, presentations, and publications offering:

  • Access to research resources and tools

  • Research reports from national and international NP/APN studies and conferences

  • Research support tools

  • Information about grant writing and funding sources for potential NP/APN projects

  • Provide guidance and support to NP/APN faculty to incorporate active research into the NP/APN curriculum


Click HERE for general examples of areas to look for funding for your research. Also look to your workplace for potential funding. Search online for funding opportunities specific for your country, specialty, focus area. Some charities will also have their own grants.

Additional tools can be found in the document “Proposal Writing 101: Tools for Project Design”  which is built for first‐time grant applicants looking to secure small grant funding. In this workbook, you will find explanations and examples of simple tools used to collect information and plan out project activities.

Research tools and Resources

The NP/APNN subgroup have curated some valuable, evidence based sources of tools and resources. Below, in no particular order, are select examples of this work.

**Where the documents are available as open source, you will find the pdf available by clicking the white area highlighted in the reference.

PROMIS or The Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement InformationSystem (PROMIS) is a website with over 300 reliable, valid, and standardized free survey research tools/measures of health status freely available for download and use in research, that assess physical, mental, and social well–being from the patient perspective.  http://www.healthmeasures.net/explore-measurement-systems/promis/obtain-administer-measures

Tool Kit for Mixed Methods Research: Provided by the University of Manchester Available from: https://www.socialsciences.manchester.ac.uk/morgan-centre/research/resources/toolkits/

PEPPA Framework Advanced Practice Nursing Toolkit: The advanced practice toolkit can help a wide range of organizations and healthcare teams design and deliver high-quality, cost-effective and patient-centred services using advanced nursing roles. The toolkit uses the PEPPA Framework, a participatory, evidence-informed patient-focused process for promoting the effective introduction and evaluation of advanced practice nursing (APN) roles. Contains downloadable tools for each step of the framework (e.g., conducting a needs assessment for APN). https://www.cancercareontario.ca/en/guidelines-advice/treatment-modality/nursing-care/advanced-practice-nursing-toolkit

Evidence Based Practice Implementation: A Step by Step Guide

IBP Knowledge Gateway: Virtual collaboration and networking tools for health professionals connecting over 300,000 globally using the technology  https://knowledge-gateway.org/

Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library/Research Repository (Sigma Theta Tau International): https://www.sigmarepository.org/vhlonrnl/



Together in collegiality and embracing evidence, members of the NPAPNN subgroup have participated in generating and disseminating research relevant to advance practice globally. Below, in no particular order, are select examples of this work.

**Where the documents are available as open source, you will find the pdf available by clicking the white area highlighted in the reference.

Sastre-Fullana, P., Gray, D., Cashin, A., Bryant-Lukosis, D., Schumann, L., Geese, F, Rae, B., Duff, E., &. Bird, B. (July 2021). (International Council of Nurses NP/APN Network Research Subgroup) Visual analysis of global comparative mapping of the practice domains of the nurse practitioner/advanced practice nursing role in respondent countries. Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, 33(7), 496-505 doi: 10.1097/JXX.0000000000000458. https://journals.lww.com/jaanp/Abstract/2021/07000/Visual_analysis_of_global_comparative_mapping_of.3.aspx

International Council of Nurses NP/APN Network Research Subgroup. (March 2019). Mapping of Advanced Practice Nursing Competencies from Nineteen Respondent Countries against the Strong Model of Advanced Practice Nursing (2000) and the International Council of Nurses (2008) Advanced Practice Competencies (2013 – 2017).


Canadian Nurses Association. (2019). Advanced Practice Nursing: A Pan-Canadian Framework. Author.(Canada) This report on Advanced Practice Nursing has an extensive bibliography.

Buerhaus P. (2018). Nurse Practitioners: A Solution to America’s Primary Care Crisis. American Enterprise Institute. Author. (Washington DC, USA). This resource provides extensive NP/APN outcomes research summary with regard to NP/APN care quality, care cost savings, populations served, and policy.  Includes a bibliography of over 170 studies of NP/APNs.

College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia. (2016). Nurse Practitioner-Sensitive Outcomes 2016 Summary Report. Author (Halifax, NS. Canada).This report contains  extensive research  and summaries with references related to 1) patient satisfaction with NPs, 2) comparison of care provided by NPs and MDs, 3) comparison of care provided by NPs and other providers, 4) models of NP practice 5) literature review of NP outcomes research, 6) overview and synthesis of NP outcomes research, 7) managers implementing NP role, 8) reports, 9) textbooks, and 10) internet resources. 

Masso M. and Thompson C. (2014). Nurse Practitioners in NSW ‘Gaining Momentum’: Rapid Review of the International Nurse Practitioner Literature. Centre for Health Service Development, University of Wollongong. Author (Australia)This research report on the NP/APN role in Australia and other countries has detailed information and bibliography. 

Woo BFY, Zhou W, Lim, TW, Tam, WWS. (2019). Practice patterns and role perception of advanced practice nurses: A nationwide cross‐sectional study (Singapore). Journal of Nursing Management. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/jonm.12759

Wilkinson, J., Carryer, J.,  & Budge, C. Impact of postgraduate education on advanced practice nurse activity – a national survey (New Zealand). (2018). International Nursing Review.

Bryant-Lukosius, D. (May 2016). Advanced nursing practice roles in Switzerland: A proposed framework for evaluation - PEPPA plus - Key Concepts for Evaluation of APN Roles. (Switzerland)

Fong, J., Buckley, T., & Cashin, A. (2015). Nurse practitioner prescribing: An international perspective. Nursing: Research and Reviews. (Global)

Marshall, D. (2015). Assessing the quality of economic evaluations of clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners: A systematic review of cost-effectiveness.(Global) NursingPlus Open.

Heale R. & Rieck  Buckley C. (2015) An international perspective of advanced practice nursing regulation. International Nursing Review (Global)

Pulcini, J., Jelic, M., Gul, R. & Yuen Loke, A. (2010). An international survey on advanced practice nursing education, practice, and regulation. Journal of Nursing Scholarship.

Research SG Historical Reference: Growth NP/APN Role Bibliography 1969-2007.

              Contact the Research Subgroup via the co-chairs Franziska Geese             (franziska.geese@gmail.com) or  Deborah Gray (dcgray@edu)

Acting as an international resource for nurses practising in Nurse Practitioner or Advanced Practice Nursing Roles roles and interested policymakers, educators, regulators and health planners by overseeing and supporting the development of research, projects and initiatives that assist the Network in strengthening the APN role. 

Pushing boundaries, challenging inequalities, and taking a strategic advisory roles in regional, national and international health policy, and practice developments.  

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