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communication SUBGROUP

The goal of the Communication Subgroup is to be responsible for network communication.

Our Aim:

Collect and publish information on the trends of APN as they emerge in countries around the globe and seek out stories and confirm information for news items that are published in the different communication platforms of the network.

Our Mission:

We are the voice of the network

Dr. Judy Honig interviews Dr. Andrew Scanlon about Nurse Practitioner education in Australia.

Dr. Scanlon is a nurse practitioner and earned a DNP at Columbia University and is pursuing a PhD at LaTrobe University. Currently, he holds a joint appointment as Senior Lecturer and Nurse Practitioner at the University of Melbourne and Austin Health. He has held faculty positions in the US and Australia since 2004. Dr. Scanlon will share some thoughts about NP education and practice in Australia.

communication subgroup key priorities

The ICN NP/APN network was established in October 2000 by the ICN with the aim of  facilitating communication with NP/APN’s

The goal of the communication subgroup is to:

  • Collect and publish information on the trends of APN roles as they emerge in countries around the globe.
  • Seek out stories and confirm information for news items that are published in news Bulletin and in social media
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the communication group will provide leadership, coordination and strategic planning for social media & network bulLETIN


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Communication SUBGROUP

Sini Hämäläinen, Finland, co-chair

Colette Henderson, Scotland, co-chair

Ivy Muya, Kenya, member

Valens Musengamana, Rwanda, member

Dwi Kartika Rukmi, Indonesia, member

Bonisile Nsibandze, Eswatini, member

Varsha Singh, USA

Stan Marchuk, Canada

Kindra Scanlon, USA

Joshi Dookhy, Ireland


social media platforms

Facebook: ICN Nurse Practitioner/ Advanced Practice Nurse Network

Instagram: @npapnnetwork

Twitter: @ICNGlobalAPN

COntact us

Contact the Communication Subgroup via the co-chairs:

Sini Hämäläinen, Finland


Colette Henderson, Scotland


Network Bulletin


The first issue of the news bulletin for the ICN NP/APNN was published in 2003; most recent issues are available to download on the Network Bulletin page of this website.

The network utilizes the news bulletin to make pertinent information and news widely available to support the development of advanced practice nursing.

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