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health policy subgroup

The focus of the Health Policy Subgroup is to explore methods and means for developing successful models for APN program and role development. Define the barriers and identify strategies to address these during APN role development globally.

The world is awakening to the role of the advanced practice nurse (APN), and what APN's can do to improve the health of the people of the countries they serve.  It is an exciting time! 

 The Health Policy (HP) Subgroup of the International Council of Nurses Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Nurse Network (ICN NP/APN Network) is committed to helping countries, jurisdictions, and institutions introduce, implement, and extend the APN role wherever possible. 

The HP Subgroup has been very productive over the years, gathering, analyzing, and disseminating global APN data several times. 

Studies have been devoted to understanding APN roles, titling, regulation, education, credentialing, and practice around the world.  The subgroup is now in the process of creating a toolkit to assist in role development in all the settings stated above.


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network leaders

The following are members of the HP Subgroup:

Kathy Wheeler, Co-Chair (United States)

Samwel Wainaina, Co-Chair (Kenya)

Fathi Al Abri (Oman)          

Jane Blood-Siegfried (United States)

Francisca Aguirre Boza (Chile)

Patrick Browne (Ireland)

Rathi Balachandra (India)

Suzanne Campbell (Canada)

Abby Kra Friedman (Israel)

Suzanna Lee (Hong Kong)

Anna Neary (United Kingdom)

Gao Lubinda-Dube (Botswana)

member spotlight

Kathy Wheeler, a Family Nurse Practitioner from the United States, and a Co-Chair of the Health Policy Subgroup of the ICN Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Nurse Network, speaks about the importance of title protection for advanced practice nurses.

COntact us

The co-chairs of the Health Policy subgroup are Kathy Wheeler and Wainaina Samual.

They can be reached at kjwheeler623@gmail.com and wainainasamual123@gmail.com

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